The Plague

by | 26 Jan 2019 | Governance

It was January 13, at prime time, as millions of people were watching television : Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk, a modern Conservative to say it short, stabbed in the heart by a 27-year-old man, released from prison a few months ago.

I thought of Jo Cox, the young Labor MP, who was murdered in fairly comparable circumstances on June 16, 2016, just days before the Brexit referendum.

In both cases, low-ceilinged extremists, exhibitionists of violence, manipulated by unscrupulous politicians who have erected systematic lies in political strategy. We have the same in France, I’m pretty sure you know who I am thinking about …

In February 1955, Roland Barthes wrote an article about Albert Camus’s novel The Plague, which described the reference to the context of the Second World War as a “misunderstanding”. Camus replied in an open letter in these terms: “The Plague, which I wanted to be read on several staves, however, has as obvious content the struggle of the European resistance against Nazism. The proof is that this enemy who is not named, everyone has recognized him, and in all the countries of Europe … “

The Plague eternalizes these days of darkness, this “collective passion” of a Europe in madness, diverted as Oran can be diverted of the sea and its measure.

The Plague ! Here we are …

Let’s invent in a relentless dialogue the tools that will unravel the red and brown liars.

Iconography: Paweł Adamowicz’s funeral on 19 January in Poznan, Poland © Piotr Skornicki / Reuters