The equation of lies

by | 4 Feb 2019 | Government

London in the rain … there are things that remain, and finally reassure !

But what a story since this referendum in June 2016 ! The surprise decision of the British voters then brought the United Kingdom into an endless and exhausting debate, revealing acute conflicts throughout the country,

The fracture is everywhere : within institutions, intermediate bodies, families … The Conservative Party is no exception, of course, contributing to the government’s impediment. And despite her absence of talent, it must be admitted that Mrs. May does not lack courage in her fight to preserve the unity of her Party.

It was a long time ago that the European question divided the Conservative Party, even if a compromise had finally emerged in recent years around a “Gaullist” conception of a Europe of the nations, a vast economic market with no real political powers, and respectful of the diversity of the nations composing it.

It is this conception pushed to its climax which founds the impossible equation posed by Brexit, as summarized by Pascal Lamy, with whom we were exchanging tonight: “as little political integration as possible, with as many economic integration as necessary “. Others would say “butter, and the money of the butter”.

We could call it well-understood interests. While Margaret Thatcher’s reforms undoubtedly contributed to the rebirth of the British economy in the 1980s it was indeed the Single Market that founded British prosperity, especially that of London.

The failure to solve the equation is essential in the debate of the European elections which opens on the continent : it constitutes indeed the demonstration of the incapacity of the populist speech to reconcile the protectionism of all kinds that they advocate, and the prosperity of peoples.

National populism is perhaps a very trendy thing, but applied to the European construction, it will be the misfortune of the Peoples.

So, do not go there?

Iconography : London in the rain, February 4, 2019 (personal collection)