Hold-up against intelligence

by | 13 Nov 2020 | Governance

Yesterday, I received an email from a very dear friend, with the subject line “MUST SEE”. And a link to a video hosting site I didn’t know about called Odyssey.

Basically, I don’t really like people talking to me in imperative terms.

And in capital letters even less, even if our madman of the White House is in the process of making a new signature of it, tweet after tweet….

The “must see” thing was a documentary called “Hold up, return to chaos”

Almost three hours to “expose the lies and manipulation of the state, the media and the medical profession about the pandemic.”

Because it comes to me from a friend, I stick to it.

The voiceover tells me something … the same as in a film I saw a long time ago on the secrets revealed at Fatima … finally logical since by researching, I discover that it was a film by Pierre Barnerias, too!

The point is based on the denunciation of a vast “globalist” conspiracy – a very common word in far-right rhetoric – around the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus would be a biological weapon intended to set up a “New World Order” which would get rid of human beings deemed “obsolete”, the theses of the unstoppable Monique Pinçon-Charlot …

I didn’t know yesterday that social media was riddling around this film. And that several mainstream media were trying to sift through fact-checking the claims of the many contributors to the documentary.

The ace ! Seen from a conspiracist view, such a position coming of the media confirms the relevance of the thesis being defended.

How to say it ?! As there are still quite a few enormities in the documentary, we even find on the web power 2 conspiracists who think that the film could come from the government … to discredit the conspiracists!

So what should we do?

I think back to this sentence “you have to be careful with idiots: first, they bring you to their level, and then they wear you out …” … it looks like Audiard, but I actually believe to have heard it from my father, a long time ago.

And at the same time, I can’t help but think of my recent reflection on the work of Joseph A. Tainter, on the collapse of complex societies (my column here).

What to do with a report whose last half hour is a soup of the old remnants of anti-elite far-right theories … and where, to add to the confusion, we “confront” (in the sense of put opposite) Laurent Alexandre – the champion of transhumanism – and also close to a certain extreme right, but above all to perfectly unacceptable ideas – to a midwife on the verge of tears. Faced with the extract of a speech which can obviously only revolt!

Confronted with the complexity of the Gordian knot, Alexander the Great (who had had Aristotle as his tutor … again!) had found a simple solution: with a blow of his sword, he had sliced ​​it.

So, it suffices to ask a very simple question: who benefits from all these anti-elite messages?

And there, everything lights up of course!

Let us not let ourselves be led into sterile discussions, but let us take care to instruct, educate, make the world readable… tirelessly!

Iconography: the poster for the video “Hold-up, retour sur un chaos”