Help ! I became a feminist

by | 8 Dec 2018 | Government

Courrier International recently titled “Women in power”. The theme emerged naturally enough from their historic breakthrough in mid-term elections in the United States on November 6 : nearly 100 women (out of 435 seats) now make up the House of Representatives

Among the new representatives in the Congress, a figure stands out of course, that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who after triumphing in June last democrat entrenched that seemed to be Joe Crowley, became representative of the 14th parliamentary district of New York, which covers Queens and the Bronx. She became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

Yesterday, while congratulating on Twitter a French government minister for his words “just and simple” in the face of the so called “yellow vests” crisis, I was treated by a surfer, anonymous of course, “coquinou” ( I do not know how to translate this in English version of this post!) … Gentlemen, pull yourself together !

France has been experiencing a difficult situation for a few weeks, caused by a social distress which comes from afar, and extends to all our developed countries.

This distress will call for a benevolent response based on genuine empathy, that is this particular ability to put oneself into the realities of the other. This is in no way weakness, and does not exclude to condemn with all the requisite firmness of the exactions that no cause should justify.

We have rediscovered this week the role of our MPs, natural link with the concerns of citizens. But I repeat, within the French government, it is often women who have been able to find in recent days the words “simple and fair”, which will allow to resume the dialogue.

I am not a sociologist, and will not dare to deny a possible “crisis of masculinity”. In general, I assume that what is Eric Zemmour’s obsessions is often nauseating, but why not ?

Yes, these symptoms, recalled by Francis Dupuis-Déri, ​​exist: “absence of positive male role models, failure of school boys, inability of men to seduce women, even decline of the male libido, loss of control of divorced and separated fathers on their child (ren), violence of women against men, male suicide rate. “

Yet, the emergence of women in the public debate is the best thing that can happen to our tired democracies, gangrened by inequalities.

In the United States, we have seen them talk about their family, give their baby breast in their campaign clips, without hiding their competitive spirit …

Our families, our children, our dreams, our ambitions … our life actually !

In the corporate world, researchers use the image of the “glass cliff” to mean that women take on greater responsibilities in times of crisis, which makes their success less likely.

It would be our misfortune not to use all our differences to succeed together!

So good luck ladies ! With us.

Iconography: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representative at the United States Congress of the 14th district of New York © campaign clip Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez