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by | 18 Sep 2019 | Climate – Environment

At the end of this month, I will leave Societe Generale Group.

For almost six years, I have been proud to manage its representation of interests. We have built one of the most respected Public Affairs teams in Europe, recognized three times in France by the Leadersleague Awards for its close to business organization and its transparency.

On this exposed position, at no time, I had to derogate from my values, enjoying a freedom that few companies allow. Thanks to Frédéric Oudéa and Lorenzo Bini Smaghi for that.

But it’s time to turn the page.

On September 30, I will return my badge, and join the students of the Master International Affairs and Development at Dauphine. To begin to convey to them what I understand about the economics of climate change.

In parallel, I aim to support large companies in their dialogue with stakeholders on this topic.

I have long been passionate about the risks that climate change brings to our societies. Chairing for ten years a family forestry group of 1000 hectares inVosges mountains, I measure the extent and gravity of the phenomenon we have to deal with.

In this area, the financial sector – especially the private sector – has a major role to play:

  • by apprehending and properly managing (i) the physical (ii) transition, and (iii)  liability risks linjked to it ;
  • by channeling financial flows to activities that are “compatible” with (i) low greenhouse gas emissions and (ii) resilience to climate change.

It is not a subject of communication as too many companies think, but of correct management of climate-related financial risks. And in this respect, we are collectively not yet up to the challenges. It is no longer a question, to paraphrase Antoine de Saint-Exupery, of foreseeing the future, but simply of making it possible.

My projects remain to be finalized, but I do not doubt that we will meet again.

So, see you soon !

Iconography: March for the climate, Brussels, February 21, 2019, © Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images